snails friends or foe

In the garden, insects and bugs are unavoidable, but it’s beneficial for a gardener to understand which species are helpful and which are not. Snails in the garden might be consumed by birds, frogs, and hedgehogs, providing nourishment while also adding compost to the soil.

Snails are an essential component of the natural equilibrium since they consume holes in plants, leaves, stems, roots, tubers, and bulbs. A small number of snails may ruin your garden by consuming the crops. Despite their sluggish appearance, these pests can do a lot of damage to your plants.

Snails are sometimes used as weather predictors. When you see a large number of snails in your garden, it simply implies that the rain is on its way, since they like to be found in damp, chilly places. Snails consume debris from your garden and their excrement is high in nitrogen and minerals, which explains why grass and

Snails are drawn to your garden because of the debris and decomposing compost. Snails harm trees, shrubs, and other plants while they climb them since they consume them. Snails don’t do much damage on the ground level, but when they’re able to climb (they’re excellent climbers), they may also eat fruit as it matures.

Snails can be friends and foes, but they are of more disadvantage to the gardener than it is of advantage to them. However, I find snails very cute and quite fascinating! So they’re not all bad!

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